DSC06549DSC06560しばらく使ってなかったPioneer DVD LD Player DVL-9を接続してDVDを再生したら画面が突然止まったままになって、また動きはじめた。止まった画面の上部には一部画像が残っているが下部分は灰色でその中に白色の四角ブロックがいくつも見える。




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FlexScan CRT monitor

EIZO FlexScan E67T, CRT PC monitor purchased in 1998. I brushed inside the monitor to clean up dusts piled up. It looks that the monitor is made with great care, all parts used are made in Japan. Right now, such a CRT PC monitor is out of fashion, but its image quality is 19" CRT monitorsuperior.

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Glitter of sun light

Mother was cultivating small field opened on the slope of small mountain, putting me in a baby holder on the ground, I was just looking down a scenery below my eyes , autotruck seen like a ladybug rolled through on a line, givng me the glitter of a sun light from the front glass window.

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Total eclipse of the moon

Total eclipse of the moon

F1.4/50mm, exposure time 30sec. 12/10 2011 23:00  The total eclipse of the moon in many stars, Aldebaran of the Taurus is seen to the direction of right bottom from the moon. It looks that 30 sec. exposure time is too long as stars don’t photograph  as dot shape.

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X’mas illumination

Merry X'masThis year, Japan has been suffering from natural disaster of 3/11 2011 earth quake of magnitude 9, giant tsunami killed many people, and Fukushima atomic power plant was melt down and spred out huge quantities of radio active contamination everywhere. This area where I live was also damged by the 3/11.

I decorate this year X’mas simply.

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Filed US Patent.

Filed US Paten through EFS web of USPTO(http://www.uspto.gov/). Specifications written in MS Word file and drawings written in MS power point file were converted to pdf files. When they are uploaded and validated. Validation error occurred on the drawing with the error of “page size is too large”. So far, the drawings were re-edited in MS Word format, then, the drawing could be passed. I am independent inventor and am not US citizen. USPTO is so nice for providing everybody in the world the opotunity for filing US Patent.

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Pico projection market forecast by PMA

According to PMA forcast in Sept. 2010 for picoprojection market, it will reach 4M units/WW in 2011 for stand alone + embedded pico projection, whereas front projection market will grow to 9M units/WW in 2011. I don’t think that pico projection market could grow as PMA says, PMA always stands on optimistic side.

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