Singing with playing guitar.

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Fluorescent tube display

40perstrimed2192AM/FM tuner circuit board, how is fluorescent tube display beautiful, isn’t it? I was going to throw away this tuner, but changed my mind and continue to hold and use it by a condition of circuit substrate.

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Rice cooker

Since long time ago, LCD panel of rice cooker has been in trouble in displaying information due to leaky electrical connection. As LCD panel supported on white plastic support base went to be very unstable in displaying characters when it is mechanically shocked. Before long, I decided to give up to repair and to scrap it.Unstable display panel

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Overhaul Fender Twin Rev. II

TRIIback18pashrinkTRIIparts18pashrinkFender Twin Reverb II has been back again in my audio room after completing its overhaul for one month. Most of capacitors and vacuum tubes were replaced, and noise has gone and low sound has been revived.

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Pull Test System

Hand made pull test systemThis is my hand made pull test system. Using this pull test system, shear bond strength of glass to glass can be measured. Shear strength for the glass to glass bond with Heatless Glass that is hardened forming inorganic SiO2 at room temperature, is 5-10N/mm^2.

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Micro chamber baking system

DIY Micro chamber system upto 400 deg.c.

DIY Micro chamber baking system upto 400 deg.c.

This is a micro chamber system that I made, and is used for baking tiny sample. I am using this system to test resistance of bond layer for glass to glass seal to high temperature processing as at 400 deg.c.

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SQ505 is old audio pre-main amplifier, I bought it in 1970, it’s been still operating. Recently, 2A,250V fuse used in power supply line of 70DCV was broken due to a formation of excess  feedback loop of ….guitar string>pickups>wahwah>guitar amp>guitar amp speaker>sound>mic>mixer>main amplifier unit of the SQ505>audio speaker>sound>guitar string>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>……It went dead just after sound Pieeeee!, like a flash

It is interesting to see an electronic circuit of all discrete parts, no IC used.Discrete circuit board units


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